How can sending be so easy and flexible?

The ICarryIt application has all the features that you need to send and receive in an easy and flexible way. Find out what makes ICarryIt so special and take advantage of the service today.

All-in-one Courier Service

ICarryIt delivers the item from door to door, person to person. The service will come to you, you don’t need to go to service. Transport includes every last mile. You don’t even need to pack your package. You just set the order, pay directly in the application and if you want, track your package online. It’s all there!

Set the Price that you Pay

With ICarryIt you are the one who sets the price. What do you want to pay for someone to bring your keys from other side of the town? What about bringing a sofa from a second-hand seller? Or food from your favourite restaurant? The ICarryIt service will also advise you by suggesting a suitable price for your package delivery.

Up-tp-Date Delivery Notifications

You will get online notifications, when your package is picked up, in delivery and handed over. You can also follow the carrier online.

Easy & Secure In-App Payment

With our secure in-app payment, you won’t be restricted to using only cash when paying for the delivery through the ICarryIt application. Your payment is also safe and secure as the payment is only released to the carrier once the delivery is completed.

Same Day Tracked Delivery

You can have your package delivered within minutes, instead of days. With ICarryIt most of the packages are delivered within 1 hour from the order. You can track the courier at all times, from the moment he / she is coming to pick up the package right through to the final handover at your set delivery location.

Contact the Carrier at Any Time

You know who the carrier is, you can see him / her on the map at all times and you can be in contact with him / her at any time.

Why ICarryIt for Bussiness?

That’s easy. We understand the challenges that businesses face, and we tackle them head-on. With ICarryIt, you’ll be able to deliver faster and easier with a more personal touch on your customer experience.

Close More Sales

Free up time to fulfil orders, build customer relationships, and sell more stuff. Same-day delivery helps businesses to close or increase sales!

Expand Your Reach

Increase your delivery radius and extend online order cut-off times by being able to deliver same-day to your wider audience.

Deliver a Personal Touch

Personalised, door-to-door delivery. No bouncing from truck to truck or extra hands moving your items.

Save Time

Keep your employees focused on running your business. Let us handle the deliveries for you, while you focus on what’s core.

Protect Margins

Cheaper than couriers. No surprise fees based on zip code or fuel charges. No up-charges for after hours, weekends or holidays.

Enjoy Piece of Mind

Point-to-point delivery with pre-screened, verified drivers, live tracking and €300 protection on every delivery for free, with up to €10,000 available from our partner insurance company.

Download for Free! Available now!!

Welcome to ICarryIt. An incredibly easy and affordable way to send and receive goods. No matter the size of your good, we are there for you. You just set the prize you are willing to pay, order your delivery and we do the rest for you. Ready to try? We start delivery August 28 in Kirkkonummi, then Helsinki and Lappeenranta. Other cities follow soon, so stay tuned!

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