Why Carry with ICarryIt?

With ICarryIt you decide when, where and how you work. We optimize client’s orders into cargos, allowing you to earn faster and more often. Find out what makes ICarryIt so special and join our team today.

Choose the Cargo that Suits You

If you have 1-hour spare time, whether you are driving riding a bicycle or even walking. Whether you are travelling to next city or you just are going to do your own grocery shopping, why not deliver a package to someone at the same time and earn money. You choose the cargo that suits you best, it’s totally up to you to decide when you would like to be a carrier.

Hassle-Free Payments

No need to play with cash, no risks on payments, ICarryIt secures all of your payments automatically. When the Cargo is delivered, your payment is transferred to your ICarryIt account. Payments will be made to your bank every second week.

in App Pick Up & Delivery Verification

No need to fill out forms or hand over receipts, everything is handled in a paperless way through the ICarryIt application to verify pick up and deliveries.

Optimised Delivery Routes

ICarryIt optimises your delivery routes so that you can deliver several packages with minimal time and effort. You can follow the route on the map and see your optimised route to the next stop (both pick up or hand over). You can also see the time left and distance to your last Package hand over place.

Track Live & Completed Orders

As well as having the ability to track all of your orders and payments, you can see all of your current and past orders online.

Contact the Client at Any Time

You can contact the client any time using the app if you need additional information or if something urgent has happened.

Download for Free! Available now!!

Do you want to earn good money and work in a flexible way? If you have just a little empty space in your car, bicycle or empty hands, you may become an awesome ICarryIt carrier. Register online to become an ICarryIt carrier, https://landing.icarryit.com/?lang=EN. We start the service in Kirkkonummi first, then in Helsinki and Lappeenranta. Other cities follow soon so stay tuned.

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